Backblaze: not so blazing

I’ve tried the online backup service Backblaze now for the second time, with less than satisfying results. Backblaze offers unlimited online backup capacity for one computer for 5$ a month (that’s less than 4€ for lucky Europeans like myself), and they give you a two-weeks trial period.

The first try was on my own laptop. There were about 30 GB to back up, most of it being my iTunes library. A problem was that I take that computer to where I am most of the time, and most of my time is not within the reach of a free, high-speed network link. So it turned out that after 12 days, it has only backed up about 1GB.

The next try was on my wife’s laptop. Here we had about 45 GB, including two largish iTunes libraries and a lot of photos. That computer rarely leaves home, so it is continually connected to a DSL line with 512kBit/s upstream rate. I told everyone to keep the machine running, et voila…. after 11 days, there were 43 GB remaining.

It could well be the case that Backblaze has just has bad connectivity into Europe. I don’t blame them for too low bandwidth. What I blame them for is this:

After 11 of 14 days of the trial period, it becomes clear that this won’t work. Less than 5% of data have been transferred. Yet, they send out a mail telling you that the initial backup is going to take just 1 or two more weeks, you’ll be fine, and you need to subscribe to their service NOW, or otherwise ally the transferred data will be deleted – well yeah, if only there was so much of it. I would have really appreciated seeing a piece of communication from them that states that this is not going to work.

I’ve now got a paid 50GB plan with Dropbox. As a backup solution, it’s got some drawbacks – you need to put files you want to backup into a special folder, mainly (which is OK for me as I primarily want to backup my music, code, and photos, and don’t care about the system-restore kind of backup). Uploading 30GB of stuff has only taken a week now because of the limits of my DSL line.


Christian is a software architect/developer. He lives in Germany, reads a lot, and likes cycling.

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2 comments on “Backblaze: not so blazing
  1. John Riley says:

    Backblaze is based up San Francisco, California, US, so it would be slow in Europe.

  2. Bryan says:

    Dolly Drive has a European Data Center and it is very fast, I recommend you at the very least check into it. It is worth the time.

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