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Teaching the kids some programming

I don’t want to create a dynasty of coders, but I’d like to get rid of their blank look they get when I try to explain what the heck it is that I’m doing there. So since there was not

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Expressing some love for mindmaps

The smarter people amongst us may have found out ages ago: Mindmaps are just great. I lived through my own private mindmap-epiphany when I saw a consultant taking notes from a day-long meeting in the form of a mindmap: he

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Running NUnit 2.53 tests for Silverlight

Jeff Wilcox has described in this article how to make NUnit tests run in the Silverlight unit testing framework. That article provides all the groundwork for what you need to do: Compile a version of the NUnit framework that runs

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What is Silverlight trying to tell you?

This is what I spent the last hour with: When building your Silverlight project fails with the error message “Whitespace is not allowed after end of Markup Extension.”, you’ve got a blank (or more) behind a databinding expression, like here:

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