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NUnit for Silverlight: Runs on Windows Phone 7, too

Yesterday I’ve hauled the “big” laptop home from work and tried plugging the unofficial port of the NUnit unit testing framework for Silverlight into Windows Phone 7. Jeff Wilcox had added support for Windows Phone 7 into his Silverlight unit

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Link whole directories into Visual Studio Projects

You can include a file into a Visual Studio project in two ways: copy it into the project directory, or link it. Copying the file into the project directory is Visual Studio’s default option: it’s what happens when you drag

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NUnit for Silverlight 2.5.8

Christian finally got an update for NUnit for Silverlight together.

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The Quiz!

[Before I start, a few more words regarding my last post. A colleague of mine recently also took the ISTQB certification exam, and in her group she was the only woman. So as far as my observation about the weak

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Silverlight is a failed attempt (of sorts)

HTML5 vs. Silverlight controversy: Christian Silverlight remarks that Silverlight actually is a huge failure. In some ways.

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A man’s world?

Today I took the exam for my ISTQB Advanced Level РTestmanager certification. I finished the wearisome online training course weeks ago, and because I felt I needed more preparation than that, I went through the official ISTQB syllabi again to

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Updated: Syntax Highlighting for ScrewTurn Wiki

Christian has updated the syntax highlighter plugin for ScrewTurn wiki.

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