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DependencyProperty initialization gotcha

There’s something wrong here: We’ve got a class with a list of strings as a property. Because we want to set the property in XAML, use data binding, and all the goodness, we use a DependencyProperty to store it. Looks

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Surviving the crunch

After a period of moving along relatively smoothly, January had us*. We had carried some unfinished work into the new year, had a non-negotiable┬ádeadline (a lot of people would be paid for twiddling thumbs…), a ton of work to do,

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More fun with…

The applications I recently liked best: Dropbox, Feedly, Backupify.

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Demo Wednesday

Part of day job is currently taking the lead architect role for a largish development project, which is organized according to SCRUM. With all the advantages an agile approach has, there is no built-in role for an architect in the

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