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Unit testing the IAsyncResult pattern

The IAsnycResult pattern is a way of executing asynchronous operations using a BeginOperation and an EndOperation method. You can either use a callback or a wait handle to complete an operation. Although it is a little less intuitive than the

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More evaluation and meetings

I got some quite passionate feedback on my latest frowning on capturing feedback for internal trainings. In short, the reaction was that there are some obvious advantages to gain in capturing feedback, nothing to lose, and I didn’t really show

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Piece of Proxy Cake

I’m not 100% decided if I like C#4’s dynamic objects*, but one thing is for sure: creating proxies for types has never been easier. Proxies are a great way of injecting behavior into existing objects There are powerful and proven

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Evaluation sheets for internal training?

We’ll be running quite a massive series of internal developer trainings in the next months, and in a planning meeting, I got into a short but heated opinion exchanges about whether we should hand out evaluation sheets after the sessions

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Free NUnit integration for Visual Studio

It’s been around for half a year now, but I totally missed that there is a free&open tool out there that lets you run NUnit tests from within Visual Studio. The thing is called Visual NUnit (documentation and download available

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Wednesday Morning Rant

It’s early, it’s raining, the conductor just told me the trains won’t be running tomorrow, but I’m fine because I can cool my temper venting about: Steam. Yesterday on the train home I fired up Machinarium (an awesome and stylish

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