Wednesday Morning Rant

It’s early, it’s raining, the conductor just told me the trains won’t be running tomorrow, but I’m fine because I can cool my temper venting about:

Yesterday on the train home I fired up Machinarium (an awesome and stylish puzzle-solving game). The only problem with it is that you can get it on Steam.
Now instead of just starting the game, Steam told me it couldn’t because I thought it urgently needed to phone home and tell the guys at Valve about what I did yesterday (or whatever it does), but that’s OK, I’d love to exchange a little privacy for the opportunity to buy games without having to wait for the DVDs to arrive (especially because the laptop does not have a drive). So I plugged in the 3G stick and learned that what Steam really wanted to do was to update itself. After some train stations of watching the progress bar slowly creep to the 20% mark it occurred to me that it wouldn’t be finished until I got home, and would have churned away half my data plan. Now really. 30+ MB for starting a game that I’ve already got installed?

I’ve received a friendly e-mail from them that since I’ve sold less than 50 items of stuff over the years, I’d have to offer PayPal for each of my future auctions. I know I have a PayPal account, but it must have fallen behind the book shelf or book taken out by the dog; in any case, it’s in disuse since years. And the experiences with it weren’t that great that I’d say I miss it. For the odd toy or spare electronics parts that I used to sell I just won’t bother revitalizing may PayPal account or creating a new one. In addition, I find it interesting that eBay actually rises the bar for new potential sellers – I’m not sure if that serves them. Well I am. It won’t.


Christian is a software architect/developer. He lives in Germany, reads a lot, and likes cycling.

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