Free NUnit integration for Visual Studio

It’s been around for half a year now, but I totally missed that there is a free&open tool out there that lets you run NUnit tests from within Visual Studio. The thing is called Visual NUnit (documentation and download available from that link). It does exactly what it promises to do – run NUnit tests from within Visual Studio, and debug without attaching the debugger to NUnit first, and that’s it – and performs very solidly; I’ve tested it with VS2008 with a 2000+ test suite, and with the RC of VS2010 (but not with that many tests).

No hard feelings, but I always thought that the price tag for TestDriven.Net was a little over the top; maybe worth paying, but not worth the fight of getting the budget for.

Thanks Tommi Laukkanen for putting this together! (And BTW, there another Tommi Laukkanen who’s made the mobile Twitter app Twim that I use on the e71. But they’re not the same).


Christian is a software architect/developer. He lives in Germany, reads a lot, and likes cycling.

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2 comments on “Free NUnit integration for Visual Studio
  1. […] restrictions in Express Edition, it’s not possible to retrofit the ability to run tests. (Visual NUnit for example won’t […]

  2. Vaibhav says:

    Go with NUnit, it is simple and works, and, well, I’ve never seen xUnit 🙂 If you are using Team Server I bevliee Unit Testing is built right in.I would doubt that xUnit has that many differences in approach from NUnit.But be careful, all code has bugs, and adding more code through testing means potentially more bugs (in the tests) 🙂

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