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Yesterday’s Good and Bad in Silverlight

Silverlight 4 crashes Christian’s development box, but unit tests have just gotten more beautiful.

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Where did the blue balls go?

In which Christian asks himself where the Silverlight loading animation went, and has some severe debugging to do. … and then there is that project where the XAP for a Silverlight application is dynamically created on the server. There are

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Show a little love

As a tester, I have the disposition to embrace perfection. Call it cliché, but of all testers I know, there’s not one indifferent to the quality of the product they are responsible for. Good is never good enough, compromises are

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SQL code in ScrewTurn Wiki: a workaround

Christian has a workaround for T-SQL code blocks in ScrewTurn wiki.

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Couple questions out of context

Do you love or hate Google’s latest design update? Speaking of Google, do you believe in their own statistics on how incredibly faster their JavaScript engine is going to be in Chrome 5, and do you still care? Still speaking

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Thanks Apple for getting rid of…

Christian likes to full-heartedly thank Apple for getting rid of that media player software.

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Of sacrifice

I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by. – Douglas Adams So you estimated three months of testing. You end up being given six weeks. You hear talk about adding non-testers from other teams,

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