Couple questions out of context

Do you love or hate Google’s latest design update?

Speaking of Google, do you believe in their own statistics on how incredibly faster their JavaScript engine is going to be in Chrome 5, and do you still care?

Still speaking of Google, do you value your privacy so much and do you believe Google knows so much about you already, that you should rather mess up their business plans by confusing their search profiling (while of course still continuing to use Google search)?

Will you miss Microsoft’s newsgroups now that they have decided to switch them all off in favor of forums (maybe out of nostalgia)?

Would you, like Sean from F-Secure, ask Microsoft to bundle plain simple PDF/A support with Windows in order to finally get rid of a feature-laden, sluggish, often insecure Adobe Reader?

Do you have any idea what Google (did I mention them already?) could want with a 3D desktop software? Nextgen iPad or Android UI?

Did you know that all the fancy new 3D stuff that’s going on is actually going to damage you permanently (if you believe Mr Pesce, that is)?


Tobias is a Software Quality person. He likes movies and games, as well as sailing and swimming.

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One comment on “Couple questions out of context
  1. Christian says:

    1. I _like_ the new design. It’s subtle enough, and I don’t mind slightly higher payload in bits because I don’t have to use that version on a mobile device.

    2. No. JavaScript performance stats are the new big bogus battleground.

    3. No. If you care, don’t use it.

    4. Yes, totally. And the ability to save to PDF as well, please.

    5. I’ve tried BumpTop; and given that experience, I’ve totally got no clue why someone would like that.

    6. People were saying that about books too. And screens. I’m still not completely blind.

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