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NDepend: My new hammer for code reviews

Christian finds out how NDepend can make code reviews faster and more precise.

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Turning little robots into iPods (Part 1)

Christian replaces his iPod with an Android phone. Call it a review if you like.

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NUnit for Silverlight, now with data driven tests

Here’s the next drop of my inofficial port of the NUnit unit test framework for Silverlight. It supports NUnit 2.5.5 on Silverlight 3 and 4, and I’ve added support for Jeff Wilcox’ port of the April version of the Silverlight

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My tester sense is tingling

A long time ago Voltaire said Common sense is not so common. and nothing much has changed. However, one guy’s common sense in the next guy’s idiocy. Common sense, for everyone, is very subjective really unless you put it into

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Is the patient alive?

For over ten years now (and think about what a time span that is in Internet time!) Flash has been the primary platform for developing highly interactive web content and applications. Flash delivers things that were plainly impossible otherwise: animation,

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