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[Re] Using Hints for Generic MEF Exports

It seems like I’m becoming a Jeremy Likness fanboy, but this ties in too nicely with what I’m currently playing around with: Using Hints for Generic MEF Exports

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Replacing components with MEF

Using MEF, Christian provides a way to chose between different implementation for the same interface based on export metadata. Nice for customizations.

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My Own Private Hype Cycle

NoSql: After finally reading Ayende‘s blog posts and this CodeProject article, I downloaded RavenDB yesterday and crushed down in the park to take it for a spin. I’m quite convinced that letting go of the strictness of relational databases is

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MEF in Silverlight: a perfect sample app

Jeremy Likness has created something that is quite close to being the perfect sample application: It has about the third of the scale of a real-world application: not just the usual two forms, but also not the size of a

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