My Own Private Hype Cycle

Hype Cycle Graph for July 2010

  • NoSql: After finally reading Ayende‘s blog posts and this CodeProject article, I downloaded RavenDB yesterday and crushed down in the park to take it for a spin. I’m quite convinced that letting go of the strictness of relational databases is something that will really take us a whole step forward, and now I’m superexcited about how well RavenDB works that I even told my father in law. So please bear with me, I’m sure it’s going to wear off.
  • Android Development: I’ve got the SDK, I’ve got the phone, I’ve got some ideas for halfway useful apps (at least useful for me): what’s holding me up? Java is. Or in fact, my limited abilities with it. I find everything taking twice as long as it should, and while this makes a good learning experience, it’s not really what I’m after at the moment. I don’t plan a career as an Android developer, I just want to get an educated feeling of how it is on the form factor, and what patterns apply.
  • MEF: I feel like getting the hang on it now, some judgement on when and how expose parts, and the contrast between MEF and a classical DI framework like Spring or Unity. MEF is going to make it into some productive code sooner or later now.
  • .NET 4: Yup, I think it has left the learning phase for the larger part.

P.S. This is a hype cycle.


Christian is a software architect/developer. He lives in Germany, reads a lot, and likes cycling.

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2 comments on “My Own Private Hype Cycle
  1. Eric says:

    Okay, so without the constraints of a RDBMS does the referential integrtiy go into the code? Or should I, too, read the articles?

    As for Java and Android, why hasn’t anyone ported the Compact .NET framework to Linux? Mono seems quite robust, why not a mobile version?

  2. Christian says:

    Hi Eric!

    In fact, NoSql database share one similarity: they don’t offer/need referential integirty as such. The content of a DB needs to be constitent, sure. But when you look at what’s in the DB: it’s key/value pairs (in some of the DBs), documents, or JSON-serialized objects (in RavenDB). Now as long as these structures as consistent as they’re defined, you’re fine. If you’ve got a data graph with a depth of, say, 20 levels, you’re not looking at a good candidate for a NoSql-DB anyway.

    Mono or Silverlight on Android: Would you get that ported for me, please? That would be so superawesome (and you’re right, it should not really pose a huge problem now that Silverlight is being applied to phones anyway). I’ve still got some fireworks in the basement, and I’d absolutely fire them up for that event.

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