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That voice, I can hear it in my sleep

If you are familiar with software testing you might have heard about the “standard” certifications and training courses a tester can, and should, get today. There is the ISEB side of things, mainly in the UK, and there’s the ISTQB,

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Like the Yellow Pages for NHibernate

I’ve just listened to Scott Hanselman‘s podcast ¬†Hanselminutes Episode 225: Learning about NHibernate 3. with Jason Dentler.If you’re already into NHibernate, you won’t really learn so much new. But if you think about familiarizing yourself with NHibernate, it’s a must-listen.

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Of Coping

Recently, I was in Vietnam to give a week of developer training. The company over there is quite big, and they’ve got several development projects running at the same time. To one of the teams, something very bad happened: their

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Code as Lingua Franca

I’ve recently had the pleasure* to give a week of developer training in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The team was hand-selected, skilled, and motivated professional developers, and had already received three weeks of introduction training in the underlying technology

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