Today in Android

Two completely unrelated events happened today to my current favorite toy: The first is the arrival of Angry Birds. Yes, it’s just a game that’s been on the iPhone for a while now, but: it’s a successful iPhone game that gets ported over to Android now. And if there’s one thing that Android is really lacking it’s classy games. Please go ahead, PopCaps of the planet, and bring them over (I’d like to have BookWorm, if you please). And the birds aren’t even alone, quite a lot of high quality apps have landed in the market recently; all major news apps seem to be there now.

The other thing was that I changed my carrier (again) so I can have a flat fee into landlines, and some more data (5GB per month now) – that makes 30€. The SIM card arrived today, but after I installed it, my contacts were all messed up. The My Contact Card did not load at all, and some of the other contact were now sharing one and the same e-mail address: not good. The solution was to delete the contact storage data on the phone and then re-sync from Google and Exchange (between discovering the problem and the solution of course there was some severe amount of time). Deleting the contact storage is done like this (HTC Desire, Android 2.1):

Settings ->Applications -> Manage Applications -> Contacts Storage -> Clear Data.

The procedure seems safe, nothing was lost on the way, and the My Contact Card was working again afterwards.


Christian is a software architect/developer. He lives in Germany, reads a lot, and likes cycling.

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