NUnit for Silverlight 2.5.8

Finally, another drop of NUnit test framework for Silvelight has been finished:

  • It is based on NUnit version 2.5.8, a step up from 2.5.5.
  • The complied assemblies are strong-named. I’ve included the key in the source code so that if you want to compile yourself, you’ve got the exact same version.
  • The project is now hosted on Google Code. I’ve removed the links to download the sources and binaries from Dropbox.
  • I reviewed the licenses to see what the license for the complete oevre could be. The answer is that there are in fact two licenses: NUnit has its own license; the source code contains the terms. This license applies to the Nunit.Silverlight.Framework and Nunit.Silverlight.Framework.Tests assemblies. The metadata provider for the Silverlight unit testing framework goes back to Jeff Wilcox, who has put this piece under MS-PL. So the MS-PL applies to the NUnit.Silverlight.Metadata assembly.
  • In the test runner, data tests now have names that reflect the parameter values, and are available for the original version of the unit testing framework for Silverlight 3.

The next thing to come will be support for Windows Phone 7.


Please download from nunit-silverlight on Google Code.


Christian is a software architect/developer. He lives in Germany, reads a lot, and likes cycling.

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One comment on “NUnit for Silverlight 2.5.8
  1. Ziev says:


    I’ve been using version 2.5.8 very successfuly in my project.

    we’ve just upgraded all of it to Silverlight 5 and the tests stopped working (failure during load). I assume it’s got to do with having the Nunit dlls compiled for SL4…

    Is it possible for you to generate a new version compiled for SL5?

    Will be most appreciated!


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