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Tests gone bad: antipatterns of automated testing

I’ve got a series of blog posts on what you can do wrong with automated tests, and what to do about it on the Z├╝hlke blog.

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REST API Design Rulebook – a waste of e-ink

REST API Design Rulebook by Mark Masse My rating: 1 of 5 stars The book tries to establish a set of rules for REST interfaces – I’m OK with that, it’s what its title says. When you define rules, you

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JavaScript for Metro-style apps: now I get it.

I’ve spent the last few days at the Microsoft //build/ conference where the first preview version of Windows 8 was shown (and everyone got a tablet PC, which I like, and – and this is going to be important for

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Take the Stoic Test

Do you have the STOIC superpower?

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Pipes, valves, and social networks

This is a chat room. The tube is a message bus. When a sender pushes a message into it, it just comes out on the other side, and everyone receives it. This is e-mail. We’ve added a valve on the

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Beware of the dreaded passive arbiter!

Seen this: { “$err” : “not master or secondary, can’t read”, “code” : 13436 }?
When you give MongoDB arbiter nodes a priority, they act up as a passive secondary. And everyone believes them.

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C# Enum Quirks

What Christian never wanted to know about Enums, but was forced to find out.

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