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BPMN question

Recently I learned how to model business processes with BPMN 2.0, the Business Process Modeling Notation. Following, a very, very brief introduction. Using the BPM standard allows technical and business engineers (and everybody else) to better understand one another by

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The Quiz!

[Before I start, a few more words regarding my last post. A colleague of mine recently also took the ISTQB certification exam, and in her group she was the only woman. So as far as my observation about the weak

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A man’s world?

Today I took the exam for my ISTQB Advanced Level – Testmanager certification. I finished the wearisome online training course weeks ago, and because I felt I needed more preparation than that, I went through the official ISTQB syllabi again to

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That voice, I can hear it in my sleep

If you are familiar with software testing you might have heard about the “standard” certifications and training courses a tester can, and should, get today. There is the ISEB side of things, mainly in the UK, and there’s the ISTQB,

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My tester sense is tingling

A long time ago Voltaire said Common sense is not so common. and nothing much has changed. However, one guy’s common sense in the next guy’s idiocy. Common sense, for everyone, is very subjective really unless you put it into

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Show a little love

As a tester, I have the disposition to embrace perfection. Call it cliché, but of all testers I know, there’s not one indifferent to the quality of the product they are responsible for. Good is never good enough, compromises are

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Couple questions out of context

Do you love or hate Google’s latest design update? Speaking of Google, do you believe in their own statistics on how incredibly faster their JavaScript engine is going to be in Chrome 5, and do you still care? Still speaking

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Of sacrifice

I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by. – Douglas Adams So you estimated three months of testing. You end up being given six weeks. You hear talk about adding non-testers from other teams,

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Estimate this!

Randy Rice wrote an insightful post in his blog, “Dirty Little Secrets About Software Test Estimation”. Usually I don’t like just linking to stuff other people write (feels cheap…), but this time I think it’s fair game, because I would

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Peer pressure

About yesterday’s post: I continued to discuss making successful sprints objectives for sprint teams, and someone gave me a good point against doing this. Not only would it mean putting the sprint team under a lot of pressure and it

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