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Take the Stoic Test

Do you have the STOIC superpower?

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The Quiz!

[Before I start, a few more words regarding my last post. A colleague of mine recently also took the ISTQB certification exam, and in her group she was the only woman. So as far as my observation about the weak

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Of Coping

Recently, I was in Vietnam to give a week of developer training. The company over there is quite big, and they’ve got several development projects running at the same time. To one of the teams, something very bad happened: their

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Code as Lingua Franca

I’ve recently had the pleasure* to give a week of developer training in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The team was hand-selected, skilled, and motivated professional developers, and had already received three weeks of introduction training in the underlying technology

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Peer pressure

About yesterday’s post: I continued to discuss making successful sprints objectives for sprint teams, and someone gave me a good point against doing this. Not only would it mean putting the sprint team under a lot of pressure and it

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My goals, your goals, our goals

Many companies do it: variable pay, or bonus payouts based on individual performance. It’s easy if you work in sales: The more you sell, the higher your bonus. It’s trickier with us developers and testers. We’re too far away from

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Chocolate-covered unit tests

I just went through last week’s unread feed (a sleeping problem? me?) and found this on the Daily WTF. The unit test code you see there is so absurdly wrong it makes you smile, but then, there’s a serious problem

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