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REST API Design Rulebook – a waste of e-ink

REST API Design Rulebook by Mark Masse My rating: 1 of 5 stars The book tries to establish a set of rules for REST interfaces – I’m OK with that, it’s what its title says. When you define rules, you

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Pipes, valves, and social networks

This is a chat room. The tube is a message bus. When a sender pushes a message into it, it just comes out on the other side, and everyone receives it. This is e-mail. We’ve added a valve on the

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Today in Android

Christian enjoys his productivity eaten away, and had some trouble with the contacts storage.

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Turning little robots into iPods (Part 1)

Christian replaces his iPod with an Android phone. Call it a review if you like.

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Thanks Apple for getting rid of…

Christian likes to full-heartedly thank Apple for getting rid of that media player software.

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Signing in

Hi, I’m the new guy. Christian, kind and social as he is, invited me to join blogs – and here I am. I won’t bore you with the details, and just say that I’m going to be – and proudly

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What’s worse than a broken build?

… or, in general, the worst thing that can happen in a software shop? Seen here, today.

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