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On merging project files

Merging Visual Studio Project files: there’s not much nice to say about that. It’s just a pain, and I’ve ssen it become the number one or two reason of errors when merging between code branches.

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Link whole directories into Visual Studio Projects

You can include a file into a Visual Studio project in two ways: copy it into the project directory, or link it. Copying the file into the project directory is Visual Studio’s default option: it’s what happens when you drag

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Format all files in project

Christian digs up a five year old Visual Studio macro.

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Yesterday’s Good and Bad in Silverlight

Silverlight 4 crashes Christian’s development box, but unit tests have just gotten more beautiful.

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Visual Studio 2010 Express – No tests, please.

Christian wonders why it costs $550 to run a unit test in Visual Studio.

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Free NUnit integration for Visual Studio

It’s been around for half a year now, but I totally missed that there is a free&open tool out there that lets you run NUnit tests from within Visual Studio. The thing is called Visual NUnit (documentation and download available

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